Massage Voucher

Our massage voucher is completely unique because you decide what exactly it will be.

  1. It can be a gift voucher 🎁 given to a loved one 💕, with a personal message visible only to them, for a selected or any massage. 💆🏼‍♀️ You can also hide the purchase price.
  2. It can also be your own massage package, in which you will decide when and what massages you will use it for, because why should someone decide about it for you? 🧐
  3. The Nattakan voucher can also be a unique discount card in which the voucher discount is added to the 🤩 💰 discounts from other massage deals.
  4. It can finally be like a payment card 💳 which you top up every now and then and share it with the whole family, without the need to use cash or real cards.

The Nattakan voucher is also incredibly convenient to use and doesn’t need to be carried in your wallet. Well, unless you want to, then you can. 😊

Instead of a note written out with a pen, you will receive a unique QR code printed on the card, and additionally, all information regarding your voucher can be checked online. The moment you want to use the voucher to pay for the massage – just show us your code… or its photo. 😉

And most importantly: our vouchers are indefinite, because why would they expire?

How to buy?

You can buy the voucher in person at the salon or in our online store. You can define the value yourself – this is the amount that will be used for the massages of your choice or for any massages. You can create your own “massage package”, if you want. 🙂

How to add a personal message?

You can tell us the personal message when buying the a voucher at the Nattakan salon, or you can add it yourself in the online store. Our system supports emoji and the maximum length of the message is 250 characters. Your personal message may look like this for example:

personal message

How to check voucher details yourself?

It’s easy. All you need is a smartphone:

  1. Open the camera application
  2. Point the lens at the QR code on the other side of the card
  3. As new phones have built-in QR code readers, you will be prompted to view our website
  4. Accept and move to the Nattakan website
  5. Voila! 🎉

We verify the value of vouchers in a similar way, so as we mentioned at the beginning, you do not even need a card to use the voucher in the salon – a photo of the QR code will be sufficient.

The video we recorded, shows how quick and easy it is to check the status of the voucher:

The full terms and conditions of our vouchers are available here.

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