Massage for Two


Details on the package price can be found on our Deals page.

Valentine’s… Valentine’s. ❤️️ The feast of lovers who on this very day express their feelings and give their loved ones gifts. For at least a week, you can see Valentine’s products, Valentine’s promotions everywhere – a true Valentine’s Day madness! 🙂

Phew… pressure 😅

We had to prepare a special “Valentine’s Massage for Two” as well. 💆 Our idea for a great package is:

  • 90 minutes of massage with a selected oil, e.g. Ylang-Ylang (because this oil stimulates the senses … and imagination)
  • 30 minutes of relaxation and time for yourself (because there are now very few places to sit and relax for a while)
  • Treat: chocolates plus some bubbles (because probably everyone likes chocolates)

The question remains: when should this package apply? Sunday the 14th? Well, but if someone can not on Sunday? How about the whole weekend? Better, though that doesn’t quite solve the case either. What if someone wants to give a Valentine’s Day gift, for example in August or November? What if he would like to celebrate not Valentine’s Day, but the wedding anniversary? It’s a complicated matter. 😅

Fortunately, we found a solution. Our special “Not Only Valentine’s Massage For Two” will be valid throughout the year.

Because we also love you all the time, not only on Valentine’s Day! ❤️️

P.S. If you want to book a massage for two, without such fireworks, you can too, at the normal price, for 2 people.