Zgoda 5 str., Warsaw City Centre

Welcome to Nattakan Thai Massage

We invite you to the newly opened Nattakan Thai Massage Salon in the very centre of Warsaw, between Centrum and Swietokrzyska metro stations.

Welcome to

Nattakan Thai Massage

Our salon is a place created in the spirit of respect for the traditions of the Thai southern school of massage. We offer a genuine and unforgettable experience in a beautiful environment and a friendly, homely atmosphere, created by our staff. We are open 7 days a week from 12:00 to 21:00.

Thai Massage Offer

Our offer includes mainly strong traditional Thai massages that bring relief to people who feel discomfort due to sitting type of work. People who are looking for a more relaxed experience, we recommend oil, stamp, or candle massages. To make our offer complete, we also perform specialized types of massages like sport, slim and delicious scrub massages.

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Traditional Massages

Traditional Thai massages, known in Thailand as "ancient", are a group of techniques combining acupressure, passive yoga, stretching and reflexology. These are powerful massages that bring excellent effects on sore muscles. For people who have a sitting type of work, we especially recommend Thai back massage.

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Relaxation Massages

Oil massages are a bit more relaxing: smoother movements, aromatherapy, or the use of herbal stamps soothe the senses during therapeutic Thai massage techniques. These massages are not as strong as traditional Thai massages (without the use of oils), and thanks to the use of aromatherapy, they allow you to relax.

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Premium Massages

A unique group of specialized massages using additional ingredients of the highest quality. Maximum relaxation will be provided by warm coconut oil or an aromatic candle. You will get a slimming effect by combining a special massage with anti-cellulite cream, and a sports massage is a relief after an intense workout.

Nattakan Thai Massage

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Nattakan Thai Massage Salon special prices section

Thai Massage Prices

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai face massage
Thai head, neck & shoulder massage
Thai back massage
Thai feet massage reflexology
Thai full body massage

1h – 110*  |  1.5h – 165*  |  2h – 220*

* – the following prices are available in our online shop

Relaxing Thai Massage
Thai massage with oil
Aromatherapy oil massage
Cream massage
Scrub massage
Herbal stamps massage

1h – 140*  |  1.5h – 210*  |  2h – 280*

* – the following prices are available in our online shop

Premium Thai Massage
Hot coconut oil massage
Hot candle / shea butter massage
Sport massage
Slim anti-cellulite massage
Spa treatment massage

1h – 170* 1.5h – 255*  |  2h – 340*

* – the following prices are available in our online shop

Thai Massage Special Offer

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Massage for couples / friends
4 hands massage
massage salon
Thai head, neck & shoulder massage
Thai back massage
Thai feet massage reflexology

Hello, I'm Nattakan - your Thai massage thereapist!

I am a professional, certified masseuse from Thailand, with many years of experience in working in massage salons.

I have been living and working in Poland for 4 years. I love pierogi, Polish mushrooms and the music of Taco Hemingway.

After years of working in various salons, I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and create a place that will allow me to promote the Thai tradition of massage while maintaining due respect for the culture of the country I come from.

I invite you to my shop for the best Thai massage in Warsaw!