Thai foot massage combined with reflexology

One of the massages currently offered in our parlour is Thai foot massage combined with reflexology.

During the session, the therapist puts pressure on specific points on your foot – that are called the reflex points. These points correspond to organs in our body. So if you feel a hypersensitivity or even pain while
massaging specific areas of the feet, it usually indicates weakness or imbalance in the corresponding organ. Massage usually triggers a healing reaction that reduces the intensity of unwanted symptoms. The photo below shows which part of the foot connects to which organ or area of ​​the body – this is the so-called reflexology map.

During Thai foot massage combined with reflexology, you will experience a soft kneading around the heel, toes pulling, deep pressing around the arch of the foot, and rubbing of the skin that produces heat. All these activities relax the muscles, release tensions and improve circulation. In reflexology the nerve endings are repeatedly pressed on – it helps clear energy blockages and it restores natural flow of energy throughout the body. All of this improves our health and well-being.

During the session our masseuse can focus on many conditions, from headaches through sinus problems to stomach ailments.

Each session additionally cleanses the body of toxins, so it can be recommended during detox, increases immunity and accelerates self-healing.

Please feel invited to try this treatment if you have already experienced the benefits of reflexology and would like to see how it works combined with Thai massage heritage or if you have never experienced reflexology before and you are simply curious. In both cases we would be more than happy to take care of you. All massages take place at our Nattakan massage parlour in the heart of Warsaw at 5 Zgoda Street.