Traditional massage with herbal stamps

Traditional massage with herbal stamps is one of our specialties. It is a technique that comes from Thailand and it was practised 400 years ago.

The massage is performed using cotton pouches containing a mixture of herbs, spices, leaves and flowers. The stamps are heated before the treatment, which causes the herbs and spices to release juices and essential oils. Then the therapist presses the stamps quickly against the body. When the herbs begin to lose the heat the massage becomes more intense. Thanks to stronger presses, herbal juices and oils can easily get into already warmed up skin. After the treatment the skin is extremely moisturised, firm and radiant.

The composition of the medicinal mixture in our stamps includes:
Camphor – very often used for earache, runny nose and cough. It soothes muscle and joint pain. It has an antiseptic effect, thanks to which it effectively deals with bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.
Lemongrass – supports the treatment of the digestive system. It soothes the symptoms of indigestion and constipation and significantly increases the metabolism. In addition, it lowers cholesterol, regulates blood glucose levels and supports the immune system.
Turmeric – the spice has antibacterial and relaxant properties, and has a positive effect on the people having problems with digestion, liver or pancreas.
Salt and a mixture of Thai herbs.

The treatment speeds up the metabolism, so it can be used as an additional treatment in shedding unnecessary kilograms and cellulite reduction. Stamp presses remove dead cells. Essential oils in herbal stamps additionally moisturise the skin, improve its condition and colour.

If you want to have a perfect figure or wish you could stop the time and enjoy eternally beautiful and young skin, please feel invited for our traditional Thai massage with herbal stamps. You can find us in the heart of Warsaw at 5 Zgoda Street.