Nattakan Shop

We’re not on Groupon. And probably we won’t be.

Not because, we were not reached by their sales guy? He arrived almost immediately after opening. 😆🙈 The problem is their offer makes no sense, in our opinion. In short, the point is that the salon sells its services for half the price, so that the other half can be given away as a commission. As a result, the more offers sold, the worse. So not only is it a financial burden for the salon, but it is also a terrible physical burden for therapists who are forced to work beyond their capacity to somehow compensate the owners for these losses. This in turn has a direct bearing on you. If you’ve ever had a massage by a therapist after 10 hours of continuous work, you probably know how it is. 😟

️This is not our way. What is most important to us are your experiences and the therapeutic effects of what we do. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how important empathy, responsibility and sustainability are. Only in such difficult moments, it turns out how much someone’s values are worth and who you can count on. We are lucky to have experienced and still experience a lot of good, especially from you. You are constantly showing that we make a difference and that our approach makes sense! Thank you! 🙏❤️

And as an alternative to Groupon, we decided to create our own vouchers and our own online store:

Our vouchers are indefinite, never expire, because why should they? You can share them with loved ones or give them to selected people. If it is a gift, you can also add a unique personal message to the voucher. It will be visible on our website after scanning the QR code on the card. There you will also be able to check the current value of the voucher and when and how it was used so far.

We also decided to extend the validity of our “opening deal” until the end of February. Due to the fact that the pandemic thwarted many plans, many people have not had a chance to get to know us yet. As a reminder, the promotion is based on the fact that the first massage in our salon costs only PLN 95 for every hour – no matter which, even the most expensive one 🙂

All the best!