Nattakan Shop

We are celebrating opening of our own voucher system and our own online store:

Our vouchers are indefinite, never expire, because why should they? You can share them with loved ones or give them to selected people. If it is a gift, you can also add a unique personal message to the voucher. It will be visible on our website after scanning the QR code on the card. There you will also be able to check the current value of the voucher and when and how it was used so far.

We also decided to extend the validity of our “opening deal” until the end of February. Due to the fact that the pandemic thwarted many plans, many people have not had a chance to get to know us yet. As a reminder, the promotion is based on the fact that the first massage in our salon costs only PLN 95 for every hour – no matter which, even the most expensive one 🙂

All the best!