Father’s Day

Today on the 5th of December Thailand celebrates Father’s Day. 👨💕


There are however few differences between this day is honored in Thailand and in Poland. The obvious one – it is celebrated in December, not in June. This different date commemorates the previous king – Bhumibol Adulyadej (or Rama IX), who was seen by many as the symbolic father of Thailand. He was born on this very day in 1927. It is also worth mentioning that in Thailand, every day of the week is symbolized by a different color. Both Bhumibol Adulyadej and his now ruling son Rama X, were both born on Monday. This is why yellow had become the symbol of the royal family for a whole century. This is also the reason why so many Thai people will wear yellow these days.


But the general meaning of this day stays the same. We pay respect to our fathers and thank them for all the love and support we received.


All the best to all fathers! 🙏❤️