Thai massage with oil

cropped view of masseur pouring fragrance oil on hand and woman lying on massage mat

The session begins with a pleasant back massage. Oil on the skin, combined with slow movements, allows the body to get used to the therapist’s touch and relax. Gentle massage continues for a few minutes and then the towel is placed on our skin and this time the tense places are pressed with much more strength. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge of the human body, which is a part of Thai heritage, the masseuse knows exactly which places need deeper work. This releases tension and energy blockages.

After the back the therapist massages our arms and legs and then we turn around and she goes back starting from the feet, working through the whole body up to neck and head. The abdominal area is massaged with slow, gentle circular movements.

Then it’s time for shoulders and neck again. Massage at this point can be a bit painful. It isn’t because our therapist is insensitive or unskillful. We experience pain, because we often accumulate stress around our neck and shoulders. The tensions and knots are caused by long hours spent at the desk in front of the computer. So at this stage we ask all the office workers to take a deep breath in and out and enter the mindful space that whatever is happening is for their higher good.

The session ends with stretching positions typical of traditional Thai massage. The masseuse uses the specific body positions and the strength of her arms and legs to stretch our muscles and tendons. The benefits are similar to those we experience after an intense yoga session. In Thai massage though we don’t have to worry about complicated positions i.e. where to put our leg or hand, because our therapist does that for us. We also don’t have to sweat while trying to maintain a stable joga position, because again our therapist holds us. That is why some call Thai massage yoga for the lazy people.

So all of you who feel tension in your body, especially after long hours in front of a computer, feel invited to our massage parlour in the heart of Warsaw – Nattakan. The theme of the Thai massage with oil is to relax muscles with a gentle touch, so they surrender to stronger pressure wherever is needed. It’s a perfect combination of instant release and relaxation with deep, therapeutic work that guarantees long lasting effects.